Meet The Team



Leader of the project.

Longtime video game modder and longtime nobody. Spends way too much time playing GTA, probably to the point of an addiction.

Role: Writing, Audio, Pedestrians, Scripting



Co-founder of the project.

Makes audio that tingles all your senses in all the right ways. Experienced project manager. Former machinima maker.

Role: Audio, Writing, Dialogue



A distinctive music junkie.

Aspiring artist. Huge audiophile. Idea person. Comes up with music ideas for radio stations as well as story elements.

Role: Audio, Writing



Someone who’s at large.

Has been playing GTA before he could speak. Previously just an observer of Gary’s madness. Writing software for other software for quite some time. Altering Rockstar vision.

Role: Weapons, Data File Crunching, Writing, Audio



The snarky one.

Avid GTA V modder with experience in all different facets of such. Still unconfirmed if he’s really a cat or not.

Role: Nobody's really sure at this point. He just tends to sit around and bounce tween doing nothing or half-way finishing something.



The most improved.

With his modding career starting with GTA V, and he’s easily one of the most improved people in the community. High quality peds and textures are his specialty. Quite the movie maker too.

Role: Pedestrians



The vehicle guy.

Familiar with all things with a combustion engine within RAGE, he’s make several lore-friendly vehicle additions to GTA V’s modding scene. Rumored to be concocting a jet-powered Esperanto.

Role: Vehicles



Tweaker of XML files.

Well known for his work with the popular World of Variety mod and it's child project Dispatch of Variety, Stryfaar knows his way around a meta file or two. Specializes in free-form gameplay modifications.

Role: Gameplay, Pedestrians

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